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Who we are

With over 25 years experience in the traffic management industry and a focus on providing solutions that perfectly match our clients’ requirements, Diverted Traffic Management is your one-stop shop for traffic management.


We pride ourselves on delivering traffic management services that keep quality, the environment, health & safety and the needs of our clients at the forefront.


If you are looking for a traffic management solution, no matter how complicated or unconventional, we’ll always go the extra mile to implement one that is 100% fit for purpose.


Our professional end-to-end traffic management services are designed to fulfill your needs efficiently, reliably and safely, every time. If you have a specific traffic management requirement which none of our services seem to cover, please reach out to us today. Chances are we can help.






We provide comprehensive, professional traffic management services that are in line with National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) 12A/B/D. From basic to complex traffic schemes, on highways, rural roads and traffic sensitive areas, our priority is understanding your needs and delivering a solution that’s perfect for you.

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Don’t waste your time applying for permits and risk experiencing the potential headaches associated with doing so. We handle permit applications on your behalf as part of our traffic management services, working closely with the local authority to ensure everything is correct and stands the highest chance of being swiftly approved. Our expert knowledge of the industry affords you total peace of mind and enables you to rest assured your project will be completed with 100% satisfaction.

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We supply, install, maintain and remove all kinds of different traffic light systems. From simple 2-way setups right the way through to double-headed systems and multi-phase junctions with pedestrian crossings, we can replicate any permanent junction type in the UK. Our focus is always on providing you with the most suitable, safest solution that keeps traffic moving and minimises disruption for all involved.

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3 Martinfield

Welywn Garden City

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